Chris Warunki, a professional drummer, instructor and composer in Vancouver, BC.
Design Services:
Social Media Banner Design
Targeted Ad Graphics for Drumming Lessons
Promotional Post Design
Event Announcement Banners
Branded Content Creation for Drumming Lessons

In the bustling city of Vancouver, Chris Warunki, a renowned drummer, instructor, and composer, sought to amplify his digital presence and reach aspiring drummers. He enlisted my services to create a series of captivating social media advertisements that would resonate with his audience and set him apart in the competitive world of music instruction.
I dove into the project, crafting custom graphics that would strike a chord with potential students. The "IMPROVE your drumming now" banner featured Chris in his element, exuding the passion and intensity he brings to his lessons, encouraging engagement and inquiries. For the festive season, the "GIVE THE GIFT of Private Drum Lessons for Christmas" advertisement combined the warmth of the holidays with the exhilarating prospect of musical growth, offering a free lesson to entice newcomers.
These carefully curated visuals not only showcased Chris's expertise but also addressed the challenge of standing out in a saturated market. The banners resulted in increased lesson bookings and heightened interest in his offerings.
Social Media Advertisement for Drumming Lessons

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