Martial Art School Brand Identity
Design Services:
Logo Design and Brand Identity Creation
Business Card Design and Production
Custom Apparel Design for Uniforms
Promotional Photography Art Direction and Retouching
Social Media Graphics and Templates

Tasked with crafting a unique identity for Mariupol's Wushu School "White Lotus", I drew the essence  of martial arts into every stroke. The logo was born from raw sketches, embodying the strength and elegance of the white lotus flower — a symbol of purity and martial prowess. Each petal was meticulously designed to represent the school's core values and the fluidity of Wushu movements. The business cards and apparel bore this emblem, becoming a proud banner for students and masters alike. The retouched action photographs captured the school's dynamism, resonating with the spirit of Wushu. My designs, steeped in tradition yet fresh in execution, helped "White Lotus" stand as a bastion of martial arts in Mariupol, inspiring practitioners to embody the school's artistry and discipline.

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