3D Renders of Kitchen Interior (107 sq.ft)
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In this kitchen design for a young couple's first apartment, the turquoise cabinetry brings a burst of freshness to the 107 sq.ft space, creating a modern yet welcoming ambiance. The soft white accents from the countertops and tiled backsplash contrast beautifully with the bold cabinet colors, lending the room an airy and spacious feel. The sleek handles on the cabinets add a touch of sophistication, complementing the contemporary style of the room.
The dining area is integrated seamlessly, with chairs that echo the turquoise theme, providing continuity. A pendant light hangs above, casting a warm glow and enhancing the intimate dining experience. To complete the design, sheer curtains with a hint of sparkle allow natural light to filter in, adding a dreamy quality to the kitchen. This is a space that balances functionality with personal style, perfect for creating memories in their new life together.

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