Apartel Resorts & Desna Development
Design Services:
Art Direction & Visual Storytelling
User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) Design
Event Visuals & Exhibition Design
Book & Album Cover Design
Digital Illustration
Motion Graphics
Innovative Logo Design & Brand Identity
Advanced Photography, Editing & Staging for Apartments
Immersive 3D Modeling & Rendering of Interiors
Throughout my professional journey as a graphic designer, I had the honor of collaborating with Apartel Resorts, an eco-friendly retreat nestled in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. My role was instrumental in bringing their vision to life through 3D rendering, graphic design, and web design. I created detailed visualizations of the resort's luxurious amenities and natural surroundings, which played a crucial role in marketing the resort. These renderings enabled potential guests to immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of the location before their visit.
Following the success with Apartel Resorts, I embarked on a project with the Park Residential Complex, a new development characterized by its commitment to eco-design. Unlike my previous focus on 3D renderings, my work with the Park Residential Complex was centered around developing a comprehensive brand identity. This involved crafting a unique logo, designing marketing materials, and creating an overall visual strategy that communicated the complex's commitment to sustainability and modern living. My efforts were aimed at establishing a strong brand presence that resonated with environmentally conscious residents, reflecting the complex's innovative approach to combining eco-friendly living with sophisticated design.

Promotional Social Media Advertisements
Print Advertisements
Brand Identity of Mountain European Resort 'Apartel'
Brand Identity of the Ukrainian Development Companies 'Desna'  & 'Desna Club' (Developer of the Park Residential Complex)
Brand Identity of Ukrainian Residential Complex 'Park' 
Website for European Mountain Resort 'Apartel'
3D Rendering and Post Production
Photography and Staging for Apartel Resort

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