'Mamas Küche' Catering: Healthy and Dietetic Nutrition
Design Services:
Logo Design with Custom Character Illustration
Packaging Design for Catering Services
Design and Layout of Menus and Flyers
Promotional Material for Print and Online Marketing
Photography Art Direction for Food Presentation

"Mamas Küche" emerged in Europe (Ukraine, Mariupol) as a culinary destination where traditional flavors merge with contemporary flair. Tasked with capturing this essence, I designed a logo featuring a spirited woman whose character symbolizes the strength and independence of the matriarch. The chosen fonts reflect the rich German heritage, incorporating Gothic and Bavarian elements that align with the business's concept.
Each design element, from food delivery packaging to promotional flyers, was crafted to embody the soul of "Mamas Küche" — a blend of health, taste, and a touch of modern rebellion. As the brand unfolded across various media, it resonated not only with the culinary desires but also with the spirit of its patrons, offering a dining experience that is both nourishing and bold. This branding initiative successfully distinguished "Mamas Küche" and anchored it firmly in the hearts of Mariupol's community, where every meal is a delightful departure from the ordinary.

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