The Invisible Orange Event Posters
Design Services:
Graphic Design
Digital Illustration
Branding and Identity Design
Layout Design
Print Design
I had the opportunity to design event posters for The Invisible Orange, one of Vancouver's premier event organizers. Tasked with creating visuals for various musician bands, my goal was to capture the essence of each band's style and increase event visibility.
Key Contributions
Research and Branding: Conducted in-depth research to understand each band's identity, ensuring the posters accurately reflected their music and brand.
Design Execution: Utilized Adobe Creative Suite to create striking visuals with bold typography, dynamic layouts, and captivating imagery.
Consistency: Maintained a cohesive design language aligned with The Invisible Orange’s brand, enhancing recognition across all events.
Increased Engagement: The posters significantly boosted event visibility and engagement on social media, leading to higher ticket sales.
This experience demonstrated my ability to adapt to different styles, deliver impactful designs, and contribute to successful events, solidifying my expertise in graphic design.

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