Album Cover for Metal Band 'Sigourney Dreamweaver'
Design Services:
Custom Illustration in H.R. Giger Style
Album Cover Design and Layout
Typography and Lettering Design
Digital Artwork and Retouching
Material Texture Illustration (Stone and Metal)
Concept Development and Sketching
High-Resolution Digital Painting
Color Grading for Print and Digital Display
Artwork Adaptation for Merchandise
Venturing into the biomechanical realm, I embraced the challenge of honoring the legendary H.R. Giger for Vancouver's metal band 'Sigourney Dreamweaver.' Tasked with capturing the haunting depths of their album "Of Gods and Monsters," I aimed to blend the ethereal with the mechanical, creating an illustration that aligned with the band's thematic intricacies.
Equipped with my graphic tablet and a detailed understanding of stone and metal textures, I embarked on an artistic journey. Over 16 intensive hours, I meticulously crafted every detail, carving each shadow from digital obsidian. The resulting cover not only captured the band's essence but also served as a beacon of the genre's dark beauty.
The album's release featured a visual identity so compelling that it became iconic among the band's fans. My initial foray into Gigeresque artistry not only elevated the band's brand but also significantly increased their recognition in Vancouver's discerning metal scene.
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