Drum Roll Real Estate Brand Design
Design Services:
Art Direction
Logo Design and Brand Identity Creation

Business Card Design and Production

Promotional Photography Art Direction and Retouching
Print Materials Design

Chris Warunki, a musician, composer, and real estate agent in British Columbia, needed a distinctive brand identity that emphasized his real estate expertise while integrating his musical background.
The design process included:
Branding Strategy: Developed a vibrant identity with bold colors and dynamic layouts, reflecting professionalism and trustworthiness.
Visual Consistency: Ensured cohesive design elements across flyers and business cards for strong brand recognition.
User-Centered Design: Collaborated closely with Chris, incorporating his input to resonate with his personal style and professional image.
Enhanced Visibility: Used a clean, modern layout with clear calls to action, high-quality images, and a QR code for increased engagement.
These materials boosted Chris Warunki's brand recognition in the Vancouver real estate market, enhancing client connections and increasing inquiries.

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