Sports Cards for the Ukrainian National Biathlon Team
Design Services:
Custom Card Conceptualization
Athlete Portrait Photography Direction
Biathlon Action Shot Selection
National Team Branding Integration
Print-Ready Layout and Composition
Digital Card Interactive Features Design
Multi-language Design for International Fans
Sponsor Logo Placement Strategy
When the Ukrainian National Biathlon Federation sought to celebrate their athletes with a series of sports cards, they turned to me for a design that would capture the essence and dynamism of the sport. My task was not only to showcase each athlete's prowess but also to express the spirit of the Ukrainian nation.
I immersed myself in the biathletes' world, studying their form, focus, and determination. The cards I designed were more than mere images; they were stories of grit and grace against the backdrop of the Ukrainian landscape. I combined action shots with patriotic colors, integrating elements that spoke of each athlete's personality and achievements.
The cards were a vibrant montage of the athletes' highlights, with their names standing proudly beside the Ukrainian Biathlon Federation's emblem. This project was a tribute to the athletes' dedication and a gift to fans, offering a tangible piece of biathlon glory to inspire and be treasured.

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