3D Render of Office Interior (1505.95 sq.ft)
Design Services:
Workspace Analysis
Concept Development
Ergonomic Design
3D Visualization and Rendering
Color Scheme Selection
Acoustic Design
Lighting Design
Technology Integration
Custom Furniture Design
Branding Integration
Project Management
Installation Supervision
When the telecommunications company Format in Mariupol, Ukraine, approached me for a 3D interior design, they wanted something that would resonate with their marketing department's innovative spirit. The brief was clear: to create a space that not only reflected the company's cutting-edge ethos but also nurtured the creative minds of its marketing team.
Drawing inspiration from Format's communication roots, I incorporated elements of connectivity into the design. The green and wood tones symbolized the blend of technology with human touch, while neon lights in the form of 'TEAMWORK' added an energizing buzz to the office. My use of open yet personal workstations facilitated a collaborative environment conducive to brainstorming and strategic thinking.
The 3D render presented a space that was not just an office but a hub of ideas, reflecting the pulse of a marketing department at the forefront of the telecommunications industry.

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