3D Renders of Apartment Interior (107 sq.ft)
My Design Services:
Space Planning Consultation
3D Interior Concept Design
Textures and Materials Selection
Furniture Modeling
Lighting Simulation and Design
Detailed Floor Plan Creation
Decorative Accents and Accessories
Color Scheme Development
Final 3D Render Presentation
In the heart of Kiev, a 23-year-old woman took a significant step by purchasing her first apartment. She aimed to create a space where the city's dynamic energy would harmonize with the tranquility of a personal sanctuary. I was tasked with bringing this vision to fruition. Her instructions were clear: design a contemporary, chic, yet cozy home that reflects her youthful spirit and zest for life.
The design centered around a sophisticated palette, utilizing deep maroons and greys to evoke a mature, yet vibrant atmosphere. Natural light was optimized to highlight the textures and colors, creating an illusion of a larger space. The kitchen, designed to be both sleek and functional, seamlessly integrated with a dining area suitable for both solitary morning coffees and lively dinner parties. Each piece of furniture was meticulously selected for its functionality and style, ensuring her personality was evident throughout.
The apartment, once an aspiration, has been transformed into a testament to her independence and flair. It is a small space with a big heart, reflecting the vibrant life of its young owner in Kiev.

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