International Streaming Service YouTV
Design Services:
Custom Illustration & Digital Artwork
High-End Photo Manipulation & Retouching

Web Design & UI UX Design

Social Media Design
Advanced Typography & Font Design
Conceptual Art Direction & Creative Consulting
Print-Ready Formatting & Color Correction
In my role at YouTV, a leading Ukrainian streaming service, I was instrumental in creating visual content that significantly contributed to the platform reaching 5 million subscribers. Focused purely on the visual aspect, my work involved crafting engaging advertisements that highlighted our diverse content from partners like Disney and Sony. This role required close collaboration with the marketing team, blending creative design with strategic objectives to produce visuals that resonated with our audience and enhanced YouTV's brand presence.
As a key player in the team, my contributions went beyond mere design; they were part of a concerted effort to align visual storytelling with YouTV's marketing strategies, ensuring a unified and compelling promotional campaign. This experience not only underscored the value of teamwork in achieving business goals but also highlighted my role in driving YouTV's success through innovative design, marking a significant chapter in my career in the digital entertainment industry.
TV Show and Movies Advertisements
Promotional Advertisements
YouTV Brand Identity and Mascot
Landing Page for  Streaming Service YouTV

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